Visibility, but not as we know it

For me, the most interesting image from day one of the roll out of @runnymedebeat was the local policing update, with purple pins showing what the Runnymede team had been doing:

We know from previous research by Prof Martin Innes et al. that visibility of police can be considered as cognitive.  I remember Martin reversing a popular phrase to say, “People will see it when they believe it”.  Hence the importance in neighbourhood policing of promoting locally known officers, building familiarity and tuning peoples’ senses to police activity in their area with approaches such as, ‘You said, we did’.

With @runnymedeeat and the Surrey Police app we have a new opportunity to promote visibility.  If you aren’t at home and looking out of your window all the time, how do you know what your police team have been doing in your neighbourhood?  Well now you can, and when the app goes public, you’ll be able to comment on it too.

I know from @nuxnix that when demonstrating early test versions that this feature was quickly identified by @multizonecraig in relation to preventative burglary patrols.

So, with ever present calls for more police on the street, and more police visibility, I think we’ve found a new approach, but not as we know it…..


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