Strategic Command Course

So having just finished the first module of the Strategic Command Course I have some quick reflections.

First and foremost I’ve met some very talented people from across public service – a strong network to support each other through policing challenges in the coming years.

Secondly, I’ve heard from some thought provoking speakers from inside and outside of policing, who’ve painted a vivid picture of the requirements of holding a senior public office.

Thirdly, I’ve experienced and had to report on some current organisational challenges.  With colleagues I had the pleasure of being welcomed into British Transport Police, then reporting back on our findings to the Chief, the Chief Executive of the Authority and their lead Her Majesty’s Inspector.

And if that wasn’t enough for three weeks, we’ve been preparing to do some consultancy work in an outside organisation (in my case a charity working to reduce re-offending), started work on a big policy issue (see my blog on mental health) and working out how 43 delegates can collaborate to produce a final report and presentation on how to better support and professionalise front line policing, particularly through better use of technology.

Oh, and I’ve been championing the use of Social Media and its value to policing and managed to get a Google+ hangout going to beat the snow.

I’ll keep you posted on what the next module is like, and for that we’re off to the Scottish Police College.


One response to “Strategic Command Course

  1. Reblogged this on Runnymede Residents Community Web Site and commented:
    Chief Superintendent Gavin Stephens (AKA Gav the Cop) is now studying at the National Police College at Brahms Hill, Hampshire. I thought you might like an opportunity to catch up with him Gavin helped bring you the Surrey Police App that you can download for free from the Apple iStore or Google’s marketplace. He’s famous for coining the phrase “We’re putting policing in your pocket”.

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