The Strategic Command Course #scc13 finishes next week and one of the culminating events is our final presentation on Project Athens. All course delegates have contributed and collaborated on this project, which posed the question:

How will the police service enable the ‘frontline professional’ to fight crime and protect the public?

Now you can join in this debate too. On Wednesday 13 March between 10am and 12 midday there will be a live debate on Twitter using the hashtag #futurecop

Please spread the word and join us online as we give the final presentation to senior colleagues from the College of Policing, HMIC, Home Office, Partner Agencies, Staff Associations, Chief Constables and Police & Crime Commissioners.

We’ll be tackling questions posed in the HMIC report Taking Time for Crime, and covering other areas such as the impact of PCCs, national consistency and making better use of technology. I’m sure the discussion will take us into other areas too and you can influence the discussion.

So, save a search on #futurecop and join us on 13 March at 10am


2 responses to “#futurecop

  1. The best will be if police can create a link such as Crimestoppers where public should be contacting will be the vital source to have information about criminals. Public is the main entity to support police. Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh

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