About Me

6fb69701e57d9aa9bb83ee46b45a4b6dWelcome to my blog – gavthecop came from my first Twitter name a few years ago, and I wish I’d kept it.  Around that time I was pursuing my ambition to provide the world’s best local policing as a Chief Superintendent in Surrey.  I’ve devoted much of my career to neighbourhood policing and  I’m particularly interested in making policing more participative and transparent through the use of social media.

I completed the Strategic Command Course in 2013 and am now an Assistant Chief Constable in Surrey Police with responsibility for contact management, response and neighbourhood policing and local investigations.  My ambitions for the world’s best neighbourhood policing remain, despite the enormous financial challenges we now face.  For me preventing crime and supporting communities to become resilient enough to police themselves are very important.

I’m also a proud Northerner, so you may find a bias from time to time, or some clues in stories about my travels or what I find funny.  I’m a big Apple fan and interested in new technology.  Some may call me a ‘geek’.  I run from time to time, enjoyed the Great South Run this year, raising money for GRACE, and am looking forward to the inaugural Surrey Half Marathon.

Of course, the views within are all my own…..I hope you enjoy.


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